Custom Home – Month 14: If These Walls Could Talk!

Month 14 and… we have walls!!! Lots has happened this month to get us to this point!

We started June off by having the insulation and stairs installed! We were really worried about the stairs because they had been backordered for several weeks and we’d reached a stage in construction where work could not progress without the stairs but, luckily, the stars aligned and we have one less plank to walk!

On the outside, the house was wrapped and the exterior stone was delivered! The wood beams for our front columns were installed and our garage floor was poured!

Offsite, we’ve finalized our light fixture and tile order AND we chose our kitchen counters! We sourced our own stone from a fabricator in Ottawa. We looked at several products but ultimately went with Quartz, in part because that is what we’ve had in our last two homes and it worked well for us. Plus, the cost point was what we were comfortable spending at this stage.

Our kitchen counters finally arrived after months of being stuck on a boat in a shipping container!

And to end the month… drumroll please… WE HAVE WALLS! Drywall was installed last week!

See! I told you lots happened this month! Our builder told us that going forward, since we’re less than 90 days out, we will start seeing lots of progress every week – looking forward to seeing what month 15 brings!


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