Friday Home Finds – The Art of Home

We’ve been planning and building our house for over a year now and my favourite part, by far, has been imagining the flow of our home, what furniture would best suit our needs and the look and feel that we want for each space. I’ve purposely included open shelves in almost every room so that I can spend my time styling and restyling my decor pieces!

In the past, we bought larger furniture pieces such as couches, beds, etc. prior to moving into our homes. Since we have all of the necessities for now (they may not look great in the new space but will suit the purpose at the onset), I have spent the last year purchasing decor pieces instead – it’s how I’ve stayed sane while building a house and family during a pandemic! In order to keep track of all of my beautiful purchases, I’ve started keeping a list, broken down by different shops, that I will share with you on Fridays. Hence, welcome to my Friday Home Finds!

This week I’m featuring a little shop in Cambridge, Ontario called The Art of Home. I have never been to Cambridge – it’s about 4 hours from Ottawa – but I discovered this shop through their instagram account @theartofhome and have spent countless hours scouring all of their beautiful house and home products. For a time, during Ontario’s lockdown, the shop held a 25% off site wide promotion and that is when I really started stocking up! Plus, they offer free shipping in Canada on orders over $100CDN! Here are some of my most recent purchases – I can’t wait for the day I can unpack these and look at them everyday in their future space.

  1. “Post” Stanley Iron Mailbox in Black – Since we have a community mailbox, there won’t be any mail delivered to our house but, call my old fashion, I still feel that every home needs a mailbox. This one is sturdy and has a timeless design.
  2. Market Tote “Just Kidding” – I’m a sucker for funny quotes and I love strolling through outdoor markets. This tote is not only stylish but it also has a waterproof lining and zipper (for the loose change!).
  3. “I Followed My Heart” Tea Towel – I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a sucker for funny quotes! This tea towel – displayed in the kitchen or maybe even the pantry – is sure to bring a smile to whomever sees it.
  4. Stoneware Olive Dish with Toothpick Holder – I LOVE food boards – cheese, meats, olives, sweets – anything on a board just looks that much more appetizing. This olive dish will elevate the look and keep all of the toothpicks in one place!
  5. Be A Nice Human Sign – Got 2 of these for the boys – one in each room as a gentle reminder to be nice.
  6. Stoneware Sponge Holder – Kitchen sponges are ugly, the holder doesn’t have to be! The grey and white design makes it a versatile piece for any color scheme.
  7. Beechwood Dish Brush with Leather Tie – Wood brushes add a nature element to the sink area. The added leather component on this brush offers another dimension to the materials in our space.
  8. Marble Bowl White – These little bowls have many uses – either as a salt holder by the range or soap bowl by the sink. I may or may not have purchased a few of these to sprinkle around the house…
  9. Beechwood Kitchen Brush Natural – Another natural wood element to incorporate in our decor. This paired with the above marble bowl will look great by the sink.

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this shop; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases I have personally made for my home.


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