Friday Home Finds – Shoppe Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis – the founding designer of Amber Interiors – has been a pillar in the interior design community for a long time. She has a number of stores in California, an online shoppe, a lifestyle blog, and even a book! And with over 1.4 million Instagram followers, I think it’s safe to say she’s built an empire featuring beautiful designs.

A while back the Shoppe had a site-wide sale and I was able to score some really nice items that are simple, useful and timeless – the perfect formula for the pieces that I want in my home.

1. Hammered Gold Spoon – My only regret with this one is that I only ordered the large size – I should have gotten all three! The spoon is so beautiful – I’ll be adding it to my next charcuterie board or might just keep it on permanent display in our coffee nook.

2. White Terra Cotta Crock w/ Handles – I love anything terra cotta and this white crock is no exception. At almost one foot high, it looks great empty or with some large green leafy stems.

3. Marble Cake Stand White – Cake stands are so versatile; most of the time, I don’t even use them for cakes! This one is the perfect height to put by our laundry sink. A sweet spot to put our hand soap, a laundry brush and maybe even some lavender sprigs.

4. Dish Brush – This brush is obviously made to clean dishes but, honestly, it’s too pretty to use. I plan on having it as part of a nice vignette by our kitchen sink.

There are so many other items in this Shoppe that I would love to include in our home and, with time, I certainly plan on building my collection of Shoppe Amber Interiors products. Especially since this shop has a loyalty program (Shoppe Perks) that provides 5 points for every dollar spent and other benefits (they even have birthday rewards which I will be definitely be taking advantage of!). So, undoubtedly, stay tuned for a part 2 of Friday Home Finds – Shoppe Amber Interiors!

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this shop; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases I have personally made for my home.


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