The Best Curtain Rod Hack

Ever get your curtains stuck on the extender piece of your rod? For me, that was an Every-Day-Struggle. Each time I pulled on the curtains and they would snag on top, I’d brace myself for the whole thing to fall (luckily that never happened)…

Recently, I was researching buying custom made curtain rods – one long rod as opposed to using an extender piece. I can only assume it’s a pricey investment but I actually couldn’t find anywhere near me that advertised custom rods. So I had to be creative…

First, I wrapped the end pieces of our extender rod with black electrical tape to see if that would provide a smoother transition for the curtains to glide – it didn’t work. Next, I thought of going to Home Depot and getting a long 1.25″ thick pipe that I could spray paint and use as a rod – that might actually work but I was trying to use what I had before buying anything else… And, since I already had a rod with brackets in place, I started searching online for a solution that wouldn’t require me to take anything down and that’s when The Best Curtain Rod Hack came to light!

Here’s how it goes:


  • A curtain rod the width of your window (plus extra for overhang on either side);
  • Brackets;
  • Curtain rings (if applicable);
  • Measuring tape (Dollar Store kind is fine because you will be cutting it);
  • Super glue;
  • Scissors; and
  • 2 people (preferably)


1) Install your rod, extender, curtain rings (if using them) and brackets at the proper width/height (Note: the reason I installed the rings at the onset is because it’s easier to slide them in now then after using the glue);

2) Cut the end of the tape measure and hold on to it (so it doesn’t wind back in to the case);

3) Hold the cut part of the tape measure at one end of the rod and extend to the other end – this is where having a second person comes in real handy! *It’s important that you measure from one tip to the other because the curtains will snag on the tape measure if it’s too short;

4) Cut the other end of the tape measure at the appropriate length;

5) Using super glue, run a generous (but not dripping) amount along the rod and press the tape measure down until it is stuck and dry;

6) Turn the rod so that the tape measure is facing the back wall (and not visible);

7) Hang your curtains and never get stuck again!

I can’t take credit for this hack since I’m not inventing the wheel here but, I will say, that all of the tips I found online suggested using this method before installing the rod. I tried it with the rod in place and I actually think it works better because I knew exactly how long I needed it to be.

Some may think I am being a bit dramatic but, honestly, this hack has made my morning routine so much easier. Some days I didn’t even open the curtains because I didn’t want to fight with them and now, with just a $3 tape measure and some glue, my curtains feel and work just like custom curtains do (at a fraction of the cost).

If you try this, let me know! Would love the hear how it’s working for you.


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