Hi, I’m Melanie – the one behind CasaCres – wife, working mom to two boys, lover of all things interior design and busy building our family and our home in the beautiful region of Canada’s capital – Ottawa, Ontario.

Welcome to the CasaCres Blog!

The name “CasaCres” is personal to me and my family. I am Portuguese and my husband is Italian – coincidentally, the word “casa” means “home” or “house” in both languages! And “Cres” is a play on our family name.

While I am new to the blogging world, I have been working hard over the last decade at making our two production houses into our version of beautiful unique homes. Now, we have finally made the big move towards designing and building our own custom (and forever!) home.

My intention for this space is to share what we’ve learned about production homes and our experience with building a custom home in hopes that it can help you with the decisions you make and designs you create in your own home.

Hope you enjoy reading about our experiences as much as we have enjoyed living them.

Feel free to send me any questions either here or through my Instagram account @casa_cres.