Friday Home Finds – Saje Natural Wellness

I have been wearing the same perfume for over 20 years now. At work, my colleagues know when I have been on the elevator simply by the lingering smell of my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle trademark. I find comfort in fresh and recognizable scents.

I want my home to be an extension of me in the scent department – does that mean I will be spraying my perfume all over the house? Don’t be silly, Coco is not meant for the couch!

The “extension” that I look to create is the familiarity that a scent can emulate. The same way my babies know the smell of their mama, I want them to immediately recognize the smell of their home. In order to do that, I have been using Saje products for nearly a decade now. I have tried many diffusers, candles, plug-in scents but Saje is the only one that I have found that does not smell artificial. Over this past year, I have expanded my love for Saje products to some other household items; below is but a short synopsis of my favourite Saje finds!

1. Diffuser Blends – Scents are such a personal thing that I honestly believe you need to visit a Saje location in order to really get to know their different blends. After trying (and loving!) many, my two absolute favourites for our home are Refresh and Mountain High – both are crisp, clean, uplifting and blended with spearmint which always makes me feel as though I am at a Spa.

2. Diffusers – This is another component that is all about personal preference. I have several diffusers throughout the home – personally, I choose mine to match the decor of the space. The only downfall with Saje diffusers (up until now!) is that they are all plug-in diffusers, so you need to strategically place them near an outlet BUT (!!!) Saje has recently made its first Cordless diffuser – which I am obviously going to get! – and now the possibilities are endless!

3. Room Sprays – Similar to other (non-Saje) diffuser blends, room sprays often smell artificial, but not these ones! The Linen and Fabric Spray is one that I always have on hand to help spruce up any space in our home.

4. Wool Dryer Balls – If you read my DIY Scent Booster post (here!), then you already know that I add Saje Pure Essential Oils to my laundry wash. And for added fragrance and freshness, I also add the same drops to our Saje dryer balls.

5. Natural Bristle Dry Brush – This is one my latest Saje discoveries! All you have to do is stand in your shower (naked (of course!) and dry) and brush your skin starting at your feet and working your way up; then, shower as usual. This works as a natural exfoliator that also helps “wake up” your skin and leaves it feeling really smooth.

6. Aroma Roam – While I’ve already touched upon Saje’s diffusers in #2, this one deserves its own shoutout! If you spend a lot of time in your car or have pets/kids in there, you need this diffuser in your life! It fits in standard cup holders and plugs in to the car’s USB outlet (if you have one) or it also comes with a car adapter. Add water and your favourite blend and you’ll suddenly be fully zen while stuck in traffic!

If you have been clicking on some of my links above, then you’ve probably already discovered a whole world of amazing Saje products (I told you this was just a brief synopsis!). Give them a try and then come back to let me know how much you love them – I’m sure you will!

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this company; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases that I have personally made for my home.


Friday Home Finds – Game Nights

This week’s Friday Home Finds is a little different. Instead of showcasing decor items that I’ve purchased for our home, I’m sharing my game night wish list!

My one hope for our forever home is that it becomes the place to be for our children and their friends. I want my boys – even the one I’m married to – to love being home. To make that happen, we are working to build not just a comfortable place but also a fun place. Friday night movies and game nights is seriously going to be a thing at Casa Cres!

I haven’t yet gotten of the below items but I’m keeping a list and these may even end up on Christmas list in case anyone is looking for gift ideas for this mama!

1. Lawn Game Scoreboard – This is marketed as a lawn game scoreboard but you can use it for any game with two teams. I know Theo would be excited just to be able to control the scoreboard on game nights.

2. Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set – I grew up playing tic-tac-toe with friends and family (I’m kinda really good at it!), so this is a must for any game time. I’ve seen this one in person and it is substantial in weight; it’s beautiful enough to be a permanent fixture on our coffee table.

3. Bocce Ball Lawn Game Set – Bocce Ball can be such a relaxing game (provided you’re not the competitive type). This one is by one of my favourite designers – Joanna Gaines. In true Magnolia style, it will be fun to play and beautiful to have tucked away.

4. 2-in-1 Bean Bag Toss – I love a good toss game; I rarely actually get the bag in but I still enjoy it. This one would be great to play on our covered porch and will match perfectly with our deck furniture.

5. Puzzle Accessory Board – Puzzles are my thing! Currently, I do my puzzles on my phone since I don’t have space to set up a puzzle board but I’ve already earmarked a corner in my future home office for puzzle making and a board like this will allow me to do my puzzles at my own pace, without worrying about losing any pieces.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list; it is but a small wish list of the many games I’m hoping to get for family game nights. Throw in a few floor pillows, some cold evenings by the fireplace and hot chocolate (with marshmallows on the side for Theo of course) and I’ve just described my dream night with the family!

Friday Home Finds – McGee & Co.

Anyone who has a penchant for home decor and interior design is likely familiar with all things Studio McGee and their online store, McGee & Co. I’m not one for girl crushes but, if I had the opportunity to emulate just one design influencer, it would be Shea McGee. Her style is clean and timeless and she and her husband have created an empire out of making the ordinary beautiful.

While this week’s Friday Home Finds may be short, don’t be fooled – my wish list for McGee & Co. items is long!!!

1. Raw Steel Stand – This stand is a bit of an investment piece as far as home decor goes but it is incredibly versatile. It is one of those pieces that can be used in numerous spaces throughout the home all year long. Plus, the stand itself is a statement and elevates any art or photos that you put on it.

2. Mix Metal Pepper Mill – When purchasing items for our home, I try to be conscious of what we use daily and purposefully pick durable pieces that have function but also look great when not in use. This pepper mill is a perfect example of that – something that we’ll use regularly but that will also blend with our kitchen decor.

3. Rounded Edge Easel – If you’ve been following my Learn To Cook Challenge then you know that I have a bit of an obsession for cookbooks. I’ve been on the hunt for a really long time for the right easel for my kitchen. This one is metal, painted white and doesn’t topple over when you’re turning the pages of your cookbook.

4. McGee & Co. Planter – Simple but gorgeous. I love that it comes with a saucer to catch the water.

5. Paulownia Wood Tray – By now, it’s no secret that I have a thing for trays! This one will make its debut in my kitchen but, since it is so versatile, don’t be surprised if you eventually see it displayed elsewhere throughout our home.

6. Make Life Beautiful – And in case you’ve been MIA from the world for the last year, the McGees wrote a book! It doesn’t have many pictures but it tells the beautiful story of how Studio McGee and McGee & Co. came to be. Perfect bed side read (and decor piece!).

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this company; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases that I have personally made for my home.

Friday Home Finds – The Home Edit

With two books, a Netflix show and over 5 million Instagram followers, The Home Edit needs no introduction.

I have been obsessed with everything that Clea, Joanna and the THE team do for several years now and have been slowly building my collection of their product lines. The day that Canadian Tire announced they would be carrying the THE products in Canada was like Christmas morning for me! Unfortunately, some products – such as their collection of Canvas Steele baskets – are not yet available in Canada but, no worries, I am not above driving across the border to pick up those beauties!

1. Egg Bin – I usually get my eggs from Costco in packs of 30, so the standard bins don’t work because they only hold a dozen. These bins however hold 15 eggs and are stackable; hence, solving the Costco dilemma!

2. 2-Tier Turntable – Currently, I have three of these turntables spread across my house. We use them to hold everyday beauty products in the bathroom and coffee accessories in the kitchen – the possibilities are endless. They are sturdy, turn seamlessly and clean easily.

3. The Home Edit Books – I purchased each of the THE books on their respective release dates! The first book comes with a sample of the THE custom labels, which I’m still using to this date. Clea’s wittiness and Joanna’s sweetness is spread all over these books and they share many useful and doable home/life organization tips.

4. All-Purpose Stackable Divided Drawer – You might not be able to tell from the image but this drawer is substantial in size and very durable. I was hesitant thinking that the “drawer” aspect wouldn’t glide very well when full, but it does!

5. Divided Turntable – This turntable houses all of my cooking oils and vinegars in our pantry. When put together, the bottles are pretty heavy but this turntable is strong enough to hold it all.

6. Canister – This canister comes in several sizes and I have slowly been building my collection of all of these. A glimpse at the THE Instagram account will show you just how versatile these canisters are.

7. 3 Bushel Elevated Truck – I literally designed the millwork in my laundry room around this truck! There are many versions of the Canvas Steele baskets out there but, so far, The Home Edit’s collection is the only one that I’ve been able to find that has customizable labels (and anyone who enjoys home organization knows that it is all about the labels!).

8. Shelf Divider – We likely won’t be getting custom closet systems in our home for quite some time and will be making do with the builder grade shelves that are included in the build. I used these dividers to keep all of our t-shirts and sweaters in place in our last home and will be doing the same this time around!

In Case You Missed It – the team at The Home Edit just finished filming another season of their Netflix show! I predict my THE collection will be growing even more in the near future once the episodes are released and I get further inspired by their creations!

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this company; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases that I have personally made for my home.

Friday Home Finds – H&M Home

Many people think of H&M as an affordable and trendy clothing store but their Home section is actually the first tab that I scroll to during my online shopping trips.

Paolo will tell you that I have an unhealthy obsession with throw pillows; I disagree with the “unhealthy” part but I am definitely obsessed with pillows. I think most living spaces need the texture and warmth that a pillow adds and switching out your throw pillows every once in a while is an easy way to spruce up a room without having to do any major overhauls. H&M Home is my go to for basic filler pillows. Meaning? I go there for the solid color pillows (linens in warmer months, velvet pillows in the cooler ones) that are relatively inexpensive (i.e.: $7 to $20 per cover) and then I throw in more detailed pillows into the mix to bring a space together. Below are just two of my latest finds but I’ve been buying pillow covers from H&M for years (many of which are no longer available) and they all still look great.

In addition to the pillows, H&M Home has come a long way over the last couple of years to add more unique and everyday items – all of which are at affordable prices.

1. Hanger Rack in Metal and Wood – The wooden balls on this hanger are pretty substantial in size, the black metal portion is sturdy and, at $12.99, this a great and unique piece. I bought two of these, one for each of the boys, and will be using them as hooks for their towels in the bathroom.

2. Poster – H&M Home has several different prints that could be used alone as a poster or within a frame. The paper quality is thick and, this particular design, is beautiful in person – it almost looks as though it was hand drawn in pencil.

3. Printed Cushion Cover – This pillow cover will go great in Theo’s room and may even end up in our playroom (once we actually finish it). At $6.99, I won’t have to worry if the kids get it dirty.

4. Striped Cushion Cover – I’ve been eyeing pillow covers with a similar design and texture as this one and they are all retailing for upwards of $80. This one is a thick weave fabric and you could never tell by looking at it that it only cost $25!

Pro Tip – If you enjoy scrolling through different home decor pieces, consider creating an H&M account on their App. They often send out member perks – such as regular 10% discounts and even 25% off on your birthday – plus they have a rewards system where you can earn points with every purchase. I like to save decor items in “my favourites” folder and then revisit them when I get a particularly generous discount code.

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this store; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases I have personally made for my home.

Friday Home Finds – LD Shoppe

In the past few years, Melissa and Sasha Leclair have become to Ottawa what Shea and Syd McGee are to Utah – an interior design powerhouse team!

I first discovered the husband and wife duo almost ten years ago when Dylan – a former co-worker from my Future Shop days – posted photos of his condo remodel that Leclair Decor had done. Paolo and I had just moved into our first home in 2011 and, in 2012, I told my parents I wanted a consult with Leclair Decor as a birthday gift. [They had no idea what I was talking about but they wrote me a cheque anyway and I immediately had Melissa come by for an in-home consultation]. I have been a devoted follower of Leclair Decor – and then their shop, LD Shoppe – since then! So I figured, since this is my birthday week, it would be fitting that this week’s Friday Home Finds be LD Shoppe!

I’ve been collecting some of my favourite LD items over this past year (and keeping a running list of other decor purchases that I will want from there once we move in to the house!). Below are some of my finds!

1. Gold Candle Snuffer – Lighting a candle is one the easiest ways to create a calming and peaceful room. I have more decor candles than I care to admit and this snuffer is the perfect addition to creating my zen space.

2. Apothecary Large Bottle Matches – Leclair Decor always recommends creating vignettes in “3s”. I think that these matches, along with the above snuffer and one of my pretty candles, will make a great vignette and be LD approved!

3. Riza Vase – The online photo of this one does not do it justice. In person, it’s a dainty (but not cheap) piece and the color is perfect for a neutral color palate.

4. Safa Riser – I don’t know why but 2020 has instilled in me a love for risers! I don’t think you could ever have enough. This one will look perfect on an end table with a candle, beads, and match holder (coincidentally enough, I happen to have gotten all those items to go with my riser from LD Shoppe!).

5. Black Woodfire Tray – This is another piece that will stop you in your tracks when you see it in person. We will not have a wood burning fireplace (nor would I ever use something this pretty near fire!) but this will look great standing upright on one of my many open shelves through our home.

6. Olive Recycled Glass Beads – I love glass beads – sitting on top of books, in a trinket bowl, etc… This one is the nicest shade of green!

7. Sariah Paper Towel Holder – We’ve been using the same (broken!) paper towel holder for the last 10 years. This whole time, I’ve been searching for one that appeals to me, that blends in with my kitchen but that is also a decor piece in and of itself – this one hits the mark!

8. White Alphabet Pillow – This is cutest kid pillow without looking or feeling like a kid pillow! My initial thought was to use this in Theo’s room but now I’m thinking it would even look great in my office!

9. Willen Match Holder & Striker – Another perfect accessory for my candle obsession. The picture makes it look greenish but, in person, it’s just the right tone of grey.

My ideal day consists of grabbing a coffee, turning on some of my favourite tunes and driving across town to visit LD Shoppe. Once in there, I can literally stay for hours and I never walk out empty handed (as you can tell from the above). The shop has items for all price points – their furniture pieces are stunning, they have a wall full of rugs and the prettiest light fixtures on display! You pretty much need to walk the store at least three times at every visit – once to look at everything on the walls, once to stare at the lights on the ceiling and then once to look at all of the decor objects! If you go, keep an eye out for a woman with an oversized blue stroller, coffee in hand and mesmerized eyes looking around [hint hint – that would be me!].

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this shop; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases I have personally made for my home.

Friday Home Finds – Shoppe Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis – the founding designer of Amber Interiors – has been a pillar in the interior design community for a long time. She has a number of stores in California, an online shoppe, a lifestyle blog, and even a book! And with over 1.4 million Instagram followers, I think it’s safe to say she’s built an empire featuring beautiful designs.

A while back the Shoppe had a site-wide sale and I was able to score some really nice items that are simple, useful and timeless – the perfect formula for the pieces that I want in my home.

1. Hammered Gold Spoon – My only regret with this one is that I only ordered the large size – I should have gotten all three! The spoon is so beautiful – I’ll be adding it to my next charcuterie board or might just keep it on permanent display in our coffee nook.

2. White Terra Cotta Crock w/ Handles – I love anything terra cotta and this white crock is no exception. At almost one foot high, it looks great empty or with some large green leafy stems.

3. Marble Cake Stand White – Cake stands are so versatile; most of the time, I don’t even use them for cakes! This one is the perfect height to put by our laundry sink. A sweet spot to put our hand soap, a laundry brush and maybe even some lavender sprigs.

4. Dish Brush – This brush is obviously made to clean dishes but, honestly, it’s too pretty to use. I plan on having it as part of a nice vignette by our kitchen sink.

There are so many other items in this Shoppe that I would love to include in our home and, with time, I certainly plan on building my collection of Shoppe Amber Interiors products. Especially since this shop has a loyalty program (Shoppe Perks) that provides 5 points for every dollar spent and other benefits (they even have birthday rewards which I will be definitely be taking advantage of!). So, undoubtedly, stay tuned for a part 2 of Friday Home Finds – Shoppe Amber Interiors!

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this shop; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases I have personally made for my home.

Friday Home Finds – The Art of Home

We’ve been planning and building our house for over a year now and my favourite part, by far, has been imagining the flow of our home, what furniture would best suit our needs and the look and feel that we want for each space. I’ve purposely included open shelves in almost every room so that I can spend my time styling and restyling my decor pieces!

In the past, we bought larger furniture pieces such as couches, beds, etc. prior to moving into our homes. Since we have all of the necessities for now (they may not look great in the new space but will suit the purpose at the onset), I have spent the last year purchasing decor pieces instead – it’s how I’ve stayed sane while building a house and family during a pandemic! In order to keep track of all of my beautiful purchases, I’ve started keeping a list, broken down by different shops, that I will share with you on Fridays. Hence, welcome to my Friday Home Finds!

This week I’m featuring a little shop in Cambridge, Ontario called The Art of Home. I have never been to Cambridge – it’s about 4 hours from Ottawa – but I discovered this shop through their instagram account @theartofhome and have spent countless hours scouring all of their beautiful house and home products. For a time, during Ontario’s lockdown, the shop held a 25% off site wide promotion and that is when I really started stocking up! Plus, they offer free shipping in Canada on orders over $100CDN! Here are some of my most recent purchases – I can’t wait for the day I can unpack these and look at them everyday in their future space.

  1. “Post” Stanley Iron Mailbox in Black – Since we have a community mailbox, there won’t be any mail delivered to our house but, call my old fashion, I still feel that every home needs a mailbox. This one is sturdy and has a timeless design.
  2. Market Tote “Just Kidding” – I’m a sucker for funny quotes and I love strolling through outdoor markets. This tote is not only stylish but it also has a waterproof lining and zipper (for the loose change!).
  3. “I Followed My Heart” Tea Towel – I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a sucker for funny quotes! This tea towel – displayed in the kitchen or maybe even the pantry – is sure to bring a smile to whomever sees it.
  4. Stoneware Olive Dish with Toothpick Holder – I LOVE food boards – cheese, meats, olives, sweets – anything on a board just looks that much more appetizing. This olive dish will elevate the look and keep all of the toothpicks in one place!
  5. Be A Nice Human Sign – Got 2 of these for the boys – one in each room as a gentle reminder to be nice.
  6. Stoneware Sponge Holder – Kitchen sponges are ugly, the holder doesn’t have to be! The grey and white design makes it a versatile piece for any color scheme.
  7. Beechwood Dish Brush with Leather Tie – Wood brushes add a nature element to the sink area. The added leather component on this brush offers another dimension to the materials in our space.
  8. Marble Bowl White – These little bowls have many uses – either as a salt holder by the range or soap bowl by the sink. I may or may not have purchased a few of these to sprinkle around the house…
  9. Beechwood Kitchen Brush Natural – Another natural wood element to incorporate in our decor. This paired with the above marble bowl will look great by the sink.

Please note that Casa Cres is not affiliated with this shop; in most cases, the shops featured in my Friday Home Finds are not even aware of their feature prior to posting. The above are purchases I have personally made for my home.