Custom Home: Month 11 – Walking On… Concrete!

March was slow – watching concrete dry kind of slow…

Our basement floor was poured at the end of February/beginning of March and heaters were placed to help it dry. After about a week or so, the tarps were removed and we were able to walk on it and actually get a feel for the space.

Our future living space; the orange tarp on the right is where our double french doors will lead to the backyard. The heater is suspended from the ceiling to help the concrete dry.

Once the basement was poured, progress slowed a bit. Plumbing and work on installing the HVAC system has begun; all of which is essential, just nothing “to write home about”…

Offsite, I had another millwork meeting to work through our selections. We’re SSOOO close to finalizing our cabinetry layout.

Work on our exterior is also set to start soon! We met with the mason supplier to begin picking our finishes and plan out where we want to set the different materials (stone, stucco and metal).

So while March was slow, looks like a lot is set to develop over the next few weeks!