Custom Home : Month 5 – Making Room for the House

September was a fun month for our future home!

During the entire summer, we would drive up to our lot and go for walks around the neighbourhood but we couldn’t actually walk the lot itself because it was overgrown with weeds, grass (and who knows what else…). So we had to admire it from afar…

The whole time, we thought that our builder was waiting on the building permits in order to start clearing the land. So, when we got the call to meet with the excavation people, we assumed that the permits had been issued – I even (prematurely) posted on my Instagram that we got our Building Permits! Turns out that you actually don’t need building permits to clear land and we have not yet received our building permits but… our land was cleared in September!!!

We started off by meeting with the representative of the excavation company and walking through the lot with him to see where the house could be placed (taking into consideration placement for well, septic, driveway, maybe a future pool, etc.). We selected a few trees along the perimeter that we were hoping to keep. Unfortunately, there was a whole section of trees that ran along the side of our property line that we really wanted to keep but couldn’t due to grading issues and, in any event, those particular trees were apparently not in the best of shape to begin with… Disappointing but we’ve already discussed the possibility of planting some trees along there later on.

After a few false starts which added some days to the job (the first machine broke down within less than 15 minutes of starting and then, once the second machine was delivered, it needed some repairs before they could get started), the land was cleared within about one day of actual tree clearing.

Next step is to begin digging and get ready to pour the foundation. We won’t know until they get started whether we will need a building pad (which is not included in our purchase price). Our neighbour, who built his house last year, had to get one so we expect that we will as well… fingers crossed we somehow miraculously don’t or, if we do, it’s a short one because I would hate for our “extras” budget to be eaten up before we even have the foundation poured!!!