Custom Home – Month 15: More Walls, More Prep…

Month 15 was fun!

There were people working at the house almost daily which was reassuring in that we may actually be able to take possession by the end of September. [If you’ve been following along then you’ll recall that our landlord wants to sell the house that we are currently renting and has advised that he will not extend our lease past September 30, so we need our home to be ready by then!]

Drywall was installed during the last few days of month 14 and then, this month, the walls were taped, mudded and painted! Yup – the house has been fully painted! We played it safe and used my favourite white – Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace – throughout the whole house. In addition to that, most of our interior doors have been hung and the floors have been prepped for tile install.

Outside, they’ve started installing the stone and it is looking great! I will admit, however, that if there is one process of the design phase that I really do not enjoy it is picking the exterior colours. It Is Hard! We’re very happy with the stone selection but we have yet to finalize our stucco colour – we know we want grey but there are so many varieties of grey… If you pick one that is too warm, there’s a risk it will look beige; if you pick one that is too cold, it’ll look blue…

So here we are, 15 whole months later, and we still don’t know what our exterior colours will be.

On a personal note, it was my birthday this month and we celebrated at the house! We went after hours, set up a little picnic in the middle of our living room, had cake and it was perfect! Luca is next in our family to celebrate a birthday and we are so hopeful to host his first birthday at our new home in October!

In case you missed it…below is a round up of this month’s home decor finds that I am really looking forward to unpacking as soon as we move in.

Now that the walls are done and the floors are prepped, month 16 is (I hope) the month where all of our design choices will start to come together. Exciting times ahead!